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Thanks A LOT for your help, the air button, the micro switch, the tubing,
and the stellar advice. I now know what an air tube and air button are.
Really cool pieces of equipment to keep the water and the electricity apart.

And most of all, thanks for helping me fix our little switch mess on our
tub. It works! We have a jetted bath tub again. And the micro switch is
tucked nicely away inside a plastic tupper ware container, and sealed shut.

You guys are wonderful.

All the best,

Dave, Residential Client


Thank You,

Alyson, Residential Client

“Thank you for caring enough about your customers to respond quickly. I appreciate you very much & will let everyone know how reliable you are. My business will be with you from now on. Amber informed me you were only going to charge $142.50, you are worth every penny & I need to stop by with a little thank you (like people used to do in the old days). Quick question though, I thought the basket had to be full of water at all time, it doesn’t look like water is in it unless it’s an optical illusion. Everything checked out o.k. with you in your opinion while you were here? – Thanks Again!”

Mary Lou, Residential Client

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