“Thank you for caring enough about your customers to respond quickly. I appreciate you very much & will let everyone know how reliable you are. My business will be with you from now on. Amber informed me you were only going to charge $142.50, you are worth every penny & I need to stop by with a little thank you (like people used to do in the old days). Quick question though, I thought the basket had to be full of water at all time, it doesn’t look like water is in it unless it’s an optical illusion. Everything checked out o.k. with you in your opinion while you were here? – Thanks Again!”

Mary Lou, Residential Client

“After an initial difficulty in scheduling work on my spa, the owner reached out to make things right, and has been very helpful. Very knowledgeable, local Utah company. Derek knows Spas up and down, backwards and forwards, and has been incredibly helpful. Highly recommend.”

John Z., Residential Client

“I have been using Quality Pool & Spa for more than 2 years now. They are consistently responsive on the phone. During the last 2 years, they have installed a heater, opened and closed my pool twice, repaired pumps, sealed leaks, installed a chlorinator, and repaired an actuator. Every time they have completed a repair, they have done it much faster than I was expecting. They work hard and have come after hours to get the job done. Their work is first rate. Once they fix a problem, it remains fixed. After they finish a job, Derek emails me what they did and why. When my pool had a leak, he went above and beyond and emailed a second follow up email to make sure they had found all of the leaks in the pool. I highly recommend Pool & Spa.”

George Z., Residential Client

“We own a 2008 CalSpa hot tub that was previously serviced by a well-known competitor in the Salt Lake Valley. After years of frustration with the other company we reached out to Quality Pool & Spa for after-warranty repairs. They have been exceptional to work with! The service tech was knowledgeable, friendly and fast and the company’s customer service is the best customer service we’ve had in years! They were able to fit us in within a few days after we called and got all the necessary repairs completed with no subsequent issues; I can’t say the same about their competition. Their service rates are extremely affordable as well! We highly recommend Quality Pool & Spa and will continue to use them for the foreseeable future. :)”

Karin W., Residential Client

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